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Japan, 〒111-0035 Tokyo, Taito City, Nishiasakusa, 2-chōme−14−13 Mansion Nishi Asakusa 303


Phone Number (Japanese Only):070-2678-3996

Not accepting new foreign clients 


Horiyasu does not do one point, small tattoos)



Horiyasu, born 1953, is a Japanese tattooist, specializing in Irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoos). He is one of the most respected contemporary tattooists in Japan.

Horiyasu, otherwise known as Asakusa Horiyasu, was a samurai-sword smith. He started working with blades at the age of 20 and mastered the craft for 16 years in Iwate Prefecture. He got his first tattoo at the age of 21. Horiyasu turned to tattooing at the age of 36.

He learned by studying works of such Ukiyo-e artists as Utagawa KuniyoshiTsukioka Yoshitoshi and Katsushika Hokusai. In a 2013 Skin Deep Magazine interview he recalled that at first he didn't know anything and learned by watching an older horishi in Morioka.

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Susanoo no Mikoto and Dragon

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2019.05 China (Langfang) International Tattoo Festival