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(Horiyasu does not do one point or small design tattoos)


Horiyasu, born 1953, is a Japanese tattooist, specializing in Irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoos). He is one of the most respected contemporary tattooists in Japan.

Horiyasu, otherwise known as Asakusa Horiyasu, was a samurai-sword smith. He started working with blades at the age of 20 and mastered the craft for 16 years in Iwate Prefecture. He got his first tattoo at the age of 21. Horiyasu turned to tattooing at the age of 36.

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A work by Yokohama’s legendary tattoo artist. Later adjustment. Redo dirty work beautifully.

Horiyasu does not live a life of lies and does not throw sand in eyes.

Trash. Resolute perseverance. Be true to one’s word. Solve problems swiftly and skillfully. Know one’s place.

Horiyasu Awards

2019.05 China (Langfang) International Tattoo Festival

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