Horiyasu Works in Progress 



A work by Yokohama’s legendary tattoo artist. Later adjustment. Redo dirty work beautifully.

Horiyasu does not live a life of lies and does not throw sand in eyes.

Trash. Resolute perseverance. Be true to one’s word. Solve problems swiftly and skillfully. Know one’s place.

apanese traditional art that is boasted of by the world. The line is the work of Yokohama’s legendary tattoo artist. The shading and color is the work of his son. It is a parent-child collaboration. Later adjustment. Redo dirty work beautifully.

Kintaro wrestling a carp, cherry blossoms, gaku.

Asahina Saburo Yoshihide

Susanoo no Mikoto and Dragon

Nyunryuu Kosonsho


Oniwakamaru and Koi

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