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Oniwakamaru. Koi. Kiku.

Hearing of a giant carp that ate women and children, Oniwakamaru went forth with a single dagger to destroy it . Fierce was the battle between them. The fish strove to mount the fall. This gave Oniwakamaru breathing space, for the plunges of the carp in the pool had nearly drowned him.  Bracing himself against a projecting rock he succeeded in getting both hands deep in the gills. A mighty effort threw the giant fish onto the bank, where Oniwakamaru, dagger in hand fell on it and pierced its heart. O'Haya, Oniwakamaru's mother, had fallen victim to the giant previously. On ripping it up Oniwakamaru found in its stomach portions of her garments, which settled all question as to her sad fate.

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