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Nijushiko Kitsunebi

Princess Yaegaki is the heroine of a five-act drama named "Honcho Nijushiko", the 24 models of filial piety. The drama takes place during the Japanese civil war era 1467–1573. At this time battle raged against two military commanders, Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin who were two lords. They fought in the battles of Kawanakajima.They became bitter enemies after Kenshin "Borrowed" Shingen's precious helmet which was blessed by Suwa god and decided to keep it. It is said that a samurai wearing this helmet would always win and that in case of danger it would also call 808 Kitsune – Gods's messengers foxes – to protect his owner.

Yaegaki-hime vows her love to Takeda Katsuyori (Shingen's son) who was being pursued by Kenshin's men. She becomes possessed by the mysterious power of Shingen's helmet and guarded by two white foxes, Yaegaki-hime sets out to pursue her lover across the frozen Lake Suwa and flies off to Katsuyori. Katsuyori was saved, Takeda and Kenshin made peace and Princess Yaegaki and Katsuyori got married.

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