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Kumonryu Shishin

Shishin is a fictional character in the Suikoden (Water margin). With his torso tattooed with nine dragons, he is nicknamed "Nine-Tattoo Dragon”, or “Kumonryu”.

Shishin befriends Kaosho Rochishin, the “Flowery Monk”, a member of the Suikoden outlaws and they team up. Shishin learns that the daughter of a craftsman has been abducted by an evil governor to be his concubine. He attempts to rescue her but is captured and imprisoned. Kaosho, who has come to invite Shishin to join the Suikoden outlaws, rushes to rescue him but he too is captured. The Suikoden outlaws hear of their capture and their leader, Kohôgi Sôkô, leads an expedition to save them.  They are successful and after being rescued, Shishin joins the Suikoden outlaws.

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