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Kaosho Rochishin

Rochishin is one of the heroes of the Suikoden outlaws. His weapon of choice is a Monk's staff and dagger.
Rochishin, originally a monk, earned himself the nickname "Kaosho", or "Flowery Monk" because his upper body was adorned with flower tattoos. Rochishin became tired of the monastic life, so one day he broke his vowels by going into a tavern and feasting on meat and consuming alcohol. The nearby monks saw him getting drunk and shut the doors on him. However, in his drunken rage, he managed to force his way in and wreak havoc in the monastery by smashing a jingang statue and beating up the monks who tried to stop him. He is then banished from the temple and journeys onward. He is invited to join the Suikoden outlaws and goes to invite his old friend, Kumonryu Shishin, to join the outlaws with him. He finds out the Shishin has been captured and goes to rescue him. He fails in his attempt to rescue Shishin and ends up being rescued by the leader of the Suikoden outlaws.

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