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Danshichi Kurobei

The fishmonger Danshichi is the archetype of the Ôsaka otokodate (a gallant and chivalrous man) who is the hero of the Kabuki play "Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami". The role was based on a real man, a fishmonger in the city of Sakai. This play contains the most famous murder scene in Kabuki which is the murder of Mikawaya Giheiji by his son-in-law Danshichi Kurobei. During this scene Danshichi performs 13  dramatic mie poses which shows off his tattoo, red loin cloth, long loose black hair, and white makeup. After killing his father-in-law, Danshichi hears festival floats approaching. Danshichi cleans himself at the nearby well, pouring buckets of water over himself. Tormented and close to insanity, he grabs his kimono, hurriedly puts it on over his sword and disappears down the flower path to join the end of the festival parade.

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