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Asahina Saburo Yoshihide

Asahina Yoshihide (朝比奈 義秀) or Asaina Yoshihide, also known as Asahina Saburō (朝比奈 三朗), was a Japanese warrior of the early 13th century, and the son of Wada Yoshimori and Tomoe Gozen. His name (also written with the characters 朝夷奈 (Asaina)) comes from Awa no Kuni's (安房) Asaina-gun (朝夷奈郡), where he lived at one time. Though very likely a historical figure, Yoshihide appears in literature and in kabuki as a somewhat superhuman legendary character. According to these, his mother was the renowned female warrior Tomoe Gozen, and he had superhuman strength which he used to accomplish a number of stunning feats.

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